kehidupan itu mmpunyai pelbagai.... walaubagaimana sekali pun perjalanannya... tp itulah kehidupan yg kita harus lalui...drama sebuah kehidupan....

...pEnGiKuT seTia Ku....LoVe u aLL...

nothing at all

Active as i am in sessions

Going with you to the marrow of emotions

Our shared journey has end

Tonight as you hesitantly leave my office

To the early darkness of winter

And the coldness of December night

You do so on your arm

Yet this season of crystallized rain

Changes if however slowly

And your time and word together

Can be a memory from which may grow

A new seed of life within you

Not without knowledge of past years traumas

But rather in the sobering realization

That in being heard a chance is created

To fill a time with different feelings

And savour them in the silent hours

When you stand by yourself alone.

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