kehidupan itu mmpunyai pelbagai.... walaubagaimana sekali pun perjalanannya... tp itulah kehidupan yg kita harus lalui...drama sebuah kehidupan....

...pEnGiKuT seTia Ku....LoVe u aLL...

u and i

i feel at times that i’m wasting my mind

as we made through and emotions

with my knowledge i could be in a world renowned clinic

with a plush private office soft padded chairs

and a sharp secretary at my command

instead of here in a pink cinder room

where it leaks when it rain

and noise seeps under the door like water

but in leaving you pause for a moment

as your voice spills out in a whisper


with those words my fantasies end as reality

Like a wellspring begins filling me

With life giving knowledge as it cascades through my mind

That in meeting you when you flooded with pain

I discover myself.

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