kehidupan itu mmpunyai pelbagai.... walaubagaimana sekali pun perjalanannya... tp itulah kehidupan yg kita harus lalui...drama sebuah kehidupan....

...pEnGiKuT seTia Ku....LoVe u aLL...


someone said to me once,way back in the early days of bra-burning feminism, and i never forgotten it:

"women are terrible moaners. they moan because they want a baby, then they moan because it's boring at home and they want to go back to work, then they moan because they feel guilty about leaving baby"

not a quote from some cynical man as u might presume but from a fully fledged, successful, working women with three children. letting the sisterhood down to be sure but wouldn't you admit there is something at least in what she says?????

are we not just permanently dissatisfied?????

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